Meet Trish

Trish White-Boyd serves on the Roanoke City Council, and as Vice-Mayor last year, she helped bring jobs and grow businesses through the Economic Development Authority-RAMP partnership, delivered library and parks restorations, implemented measures to cut crime, and issued CIP bonds at an all-time low interest rate.

Trish has lived in our district for over 40 years, attending church on Sundays, and she and her husband have raised their family here. Trish started and operates a successful home health care company and currently employs dozens of people in the area.

Trish is an experienced leader with a fiscally responsible approach to public service. Trish is a successful business owner, and she knows what it means to sign the front of a paycheck instead of the back. And Trish is an unwavering champion for protecting our environment.

Our part of Virginia has been brushed aside by both political parties for far too long. Trish is running for Senate to advance the interests of this district, and she will work with Republicans or Democrats to restore prosperity in SWVA.



In the Virginia Senate, Trish will work to deliver:


Safety in schools, a focus on excellence in education teaching STEM and skilled trades, smaller class sizes, parental rights, and a removal of politics from the classroom

Women's Rights

Trish is committed to advocating for women's rights, including pay equity, reproductive freedom, and affordable healthcare, and will fight to protect them as your State Senator.

Affordable Housing

By championing safe and affordable housing initiatives, Trish is committed to promoting economic equity in the valley. She will strive to level the playing field by advocating for safe and affordable housing for all residents.


Trish understands that the environment is crucial to the livelihood of Southwest Virginians and is dedicated to preserving our invaluable natural resources. She will work to defend and conserve our land for future generations.

When Trish is elected to the Virginia Senate, she is dedicated to delivering:


Leadership Endorsements

The leaders below have fully endorsed
Trish White-Boyd's State Senate Campaign.

Mark Warner.

Jennifer McClellan

Tim Kaine

Abigail Spanberger

Senator John
S. Edwards

Eileen Filler-Corn

Roanoke City Mayor,
Sherman Lea, Sr.

Roanoke City Councilwoman,
Vivian Sanchez-Jones

Bill Bestpitch

Anita James-Price

Montgomery County Board of Supervisors,
Sara Bohn

Lavar Stoney,
Mayor of Richmond

Roanoke City Councilman,
Peter Volosin

Roanoke City Clerk of Court,
Brenda Hamilton

Roanoke City Treasurer,
Evelyn Powers

Former Roanoke City Mayor,
Nelson Harris

Roanoke Branch NAACP President,
Dr. Brenda Hale Community Leader

Rupert Cutler,
Blue Ridge Land Conservancy

Bettina Altizer,

Elizabeth Cranwell

Tim Allen,
Former Roanoke City Sheriff

Election Day: Tuesday, November 7

Vote Early : September 22 - November 4

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Trish White-Boyd

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Trish White-Boyd for Senate
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